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Feb 28, 2020

Episode 2: Amazon Kindle and Big Data


Prologue: Books that Help and Inspire, Part 2

The Imagineering Workout (A Walt Disney Imagineering Book) by The Disney Imagineers

Fiction Writing Demystified: Techniques That Will Make You a More Successful by Thomas B. Sawyer

The First 50 Pages: Engage Agents, Editors, and Readers, and Set Your Novel Up For Success by Jeff Gerke

Main Story: Amazon Kindle and Big Data

Guardian Article:

Epilogue: Story Origin


Prolific Works:

Story Origin:

Through Many Fives (on BookFunnel):

Final Duty (Audiobook sample on BookFunnel):

The Storm Rises (on Prolific Works):

Seekers of Earth (on Story Origin):


"Never Surrender" by Chasing Noise, off their album, Everything